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Tyler T.

I’m very happy with the service from USAVA Lending. The whole transaction went seamlessly.

Christopher J.

This is our third time using USAVA Lending. It’s always a smooth process and we were able to close in 30 days. We’ve already recommended them.

Johnny V.

We were referred to USAVA Lending by one of the lenders they work with. The loan process was very quick and easy. There was one small issue, which was not their problem but as soon as we cleared it up on our end, we forward the information to them and loan was approved. They went above & beyond in meeting our expectations. It was great! They were responsive to all of our questions and explained the process clearly and thoroughly. I would definitely recommend them to others.

Thomas M.

Brad Thompson and Michelle Spivey at USAVA did and outstanding job! Brad kept me posted throughout the process and Michelle kept the docs rolling. I used to originate mortgages myself as a part of being a Financial Advisor with a major New York Wall Street Wire House, so I know how trying the process can be. This was my 16th mortgage/refi over a 45 year period and it was the most seamless process to date. I recommend Brad Thompson without reservation for anybody shopping for a mortgage of refi in Arizona.

Robert L.

I give USA Home Loans 5 stars. The process was explained clearly and completed in a timely manner. I recommend them.

Michael N.

Have utilized USAVA 3 times to refinance my VA loan and they always provide top notch service. Never have to worry about the next steps for the staff keeps you updated regularly. Everything proceeded like clockwork. Will definitely utilize USAVA again!!

Joel T.

USA Home Loans refinanced our home loan in Feb 2020. They were great to say the least! Our representative was awesome. We texted him all the time and he always responded immediately. It didn’t matter if he was sick, in our out of the office but he always made sure to get back to us promptly. They worked hard in always answering our questions. Also, our representative was willing to do whatever it took to make sure we were satisfied with the outcome. We’ve had bad experiences in the past, but USA Home Loans made it an easy going process and we truly appreciated that! Definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a good & responsive mortgage broker.

Branden M.

They did a refinance / home loan for me a few months ago. The representative that walked me through this process, I’ve worked with in the past. I appreciate how responsive both him and his team were. They were able to do everything very quickly, I was very pleased with that. They were very efficient and I was very satisfied with the service they provided.
They by far exceeded my expectations and definitely recommend them to others.

Aaron R.

I just did my VA Streamline refinancing with USA Home Loans. Nothing else to say besides they were great and I would recommend them.

James B.

They did a recent home refinancing for me and gave me a significant interest rate discount. We went from 4.5% to 2.94%. They were the best rate out there. They were very professional, thorough, did the majority of the process online and via text. Everything worked out very convenient and quick. I couldn’t believe how smooth the process went through the internet. It was a lot more convenient than walking into the mortgage broker office. I have nothing but good things to say about USA Home Loans and my experience with them. I definitely recommend them to others.

Michael H.

Beginning of this month, March 2020, they did a refinance to lower the rate on our mortgage payment. I’ve dealt with them 5 different times in the past and have always been satisfied. They all are nice people, from upper management to their customer service personnel. In fact, when the rates go down they are the ones reaching out to us. The process has always been completed in a timely fashion. We enjoy them so much, that we’ve planned to take a trip down to Arizona and physically meet them! We’ve referred them to friends and family and definitely recommend them to others. We wouldn’t refer them if we didn’t think they were good!

Larry M.

We’ve been with them for a little over a year, we have our home and auto insurance through them. They’ve always had good communication and I really like their rates. They’ve always been prompt in answering questions and/or concerns. I have recommended them and will continue to do so.

Richard L.

They did a refi for me recently! Everything was done in a timely manner and was made very convenient for me. They were professional and walked me through the entire process. I would recommend them to others.

Leslie F.

Me and my husband refinanced our home about 6 weeks ago and used USA Home Loans. This was the first used them and they far exceeded expectations. They were attentive to our needs and really kept us on track for closing.

Levi M.

I have used USA Home Loans a couple of times now and I keep going back because the employee I work with is great. I am always treated well and the employee is very personable. I have recommended them and if asked I would keep recommending them they are efficient.

Vanessa M.

Great job by USA Home Loans the process was painless, fast, and easy. I had no issues with our refinance through them honestly it was very quick and went above what I expected. I would recommend contacting them if you were looking to refinance your home.

Eric M.

I used USA Home Loans around end of November early December. They met my expectations and treated me fairly. Everything was done in a timely manner and they were clear with the whole process.

James S. S.

They are good to go! I give them the highest rating and recommend them to others.

Robert S.

We closed the deal on the 8th, we did a refinance, VA-Streamline. I did the process online. The experience was great! Everything happened very quickly and the people I spoke with were very pleasant. Of course I recommend them to others.

Samuel H.

They helped us bring down our mortgage interest rate from a 4.5% to a 3%. They did very well. Our representative was very knowledgeable, helpful and polite through the entire process. We were very happy with the outcome. We definitely recommend them to others.

Jimmy O.
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"USAVA Lending did a fine job. They explained everything. They treated me just fine and they were real friendly. If I had a question they got right back in touch with me at the time they said they would. They got what I wanted. I had no complaints. They corrected things that needed to be done. I was alright with the interest rate being the same. I would recommend them."
Elizabeth C.
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We received VA Refinance from USAVA Lending. All expectations were meet we had excellent communications from the "Executive Assistant. They provided prompt and thorough services. I would recommend USAVA Lending. It was easy with no hassles."
Will M.
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"The service was real good and they were pleasant. They were real polite and nice. The loan closed early and it did not take too long. We had no problems with them. The loan originator was excellent. He set us up and he was fantastic! He called back to see if everything went smooth and to find out if we had any questions. We did not have any questions because they answered them. I would definitely recommend them."
Barbara S.
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"They did a great job! I was very satisfied with their helpfulness and they went as far as taking care of the little details. During the time I was refinancing, my husband was in the hospital and was in ICU. The Senior Loan Processor was very helpful and was there for me when I couldn't be quite there myself. We got a reduced interest rate and reduced payment. I got a lot of great customer service from their team. I was looking for a place online and just happened to find their website and have been trying to refinance for 2-3 years..."
Charles M.
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"Thank all of you that worked to get this mortgage through. The Senior Loan Processor was quite a tireless person working with us. She was good to us and caring. She was also reassuring. We were very nervous and she calmed our fears.We would recommend USAVA Lending very highly. They were friendly, courteous, informative. They explained everything. USAVA Lending was the first loan company we have used in many years and it was worth our while. They facilitated the process, so we had nothing was held up."
Levi M.
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"I have used USA Home Loans a couple of times now and I keep going back because the employee I work with is great. I am always treated well and the employee is very personable. I have recommended them and if asked I would keep recommending them they are efficient."
Anthony Z.
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"Everyone at USAVA Lending did a splendid job in refinancing my home..They were very courteous,imformative, and answered all my questions. They were all very professional in handling my re finance, and it was finished promptly.I recommend your Lending Instition very highly.Thank you all for doing such a great job!"
Joe L.
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"Compared to Chase and other places that I worked with USAVA Lending were excellent. It was impressive because they are in Arizona and I am 1000 miles away in the bay area in California and I got better service from them than I would get from Chase who is literally around the corner. When the loan originator contacted me I was kind of leery that something like this would go through, but he did a remarkable job in terms of managing the loan application and process..."